Terms of Use


Our legal intellectual property policy demonstrates the principles and guidelines governing the management, and protection of intellectual property created by our team.

It includes anything from audio, music, video clips, software, textual matter, images, graphics, illustrations, artwork, names, and logos, to trademarks. Basically, that is being displayed on our site.

We consider them as our intellectual property and are protected by copyright. 

The aim behind this is to promote an environment of creativity or innovation as well as ensure that intellectual property assets are properly protected.

For that reason, you cannot sell, publish, broadcast, or circulate any of them to others without a proper written consent form from our team.


When you access our site and navigate through our posts, you may discover links, websites, and advertisements to other sites. The moment you leave our site, we are liable for any fraud. 

As we are not aware of the practices followed by them, it’s good to be safe in advance. For that, make sure to check out their policies and terms of use thoroughly and then continue accessing their site. 


Techbles is blessed with professionals who are experts in their respective fields. They deliver their best to maintain higher aims to meet the trends and emerging needs. Professionals here from diverse departments are empowered to create, edit, research, filter, and publish content as per the demands raised by our valuable audience.


Our termination clause is a section of a legal agreement that particularly describes when an account can or will be terminated, and the deletion of posts or information of users. 

Accordingly, being in authority, we can terminate your access to any part of our site in case you’re found involved in fraudulent activities. 

Even, we can terminate or suspend accounts for inactivity. Upon any termination, your right to use our site ceases immediately. 

Or, in case you yourself want to terminate your account, you can simply discontinue the use of our site and unsubscribe from the membership. 


This clause prohibits our users from extracting information from the website to examine it in an attempt to uncover a trade secret. We expect users to use our site appropriately considering lawful purposes and complying with the mentioned “Terms of Use”.

Here are the things you shall not do:

  • Apply for more than one account. 
  • Delivering our services directly or indirectly to third parties.
  • Upload inappropriate, inaccurate, or objectionable content.
  • Try to create a false identity to harass, abuse, or harm another person.
  • Trying to send spam or other unwelcome communications to others.
  • Act in an objectionable manner.


Are you a contributor to our site? This section is for you. We have laid out some content standards that we expect you to follow. These are a set of standards that want you to act accordingly with applicable laws and regulations. 

The content standards defined on our site are as follows:

  • We expect contributors to not contain any sort of abusive, offensive, or hateful material.
  • Publicizing the content that can be considered an offense against the law. For instance, sexually explicit, violent, or discriminative content.
  • Contributors would be eligible to face consequences when we found them involved in any illegal activity or unlawful act.
  • They must not misguide our audience.
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