Privacy Policy

Hello from the team of Techbles! This section of our site consists of a privacy policy that explains how we are going to collect your details, what kind of details we are going to collect from our audiences, etc. in relation to our website. 

Besides gathering information, we do consider the trust of our trusted audience. Do not worry, we will safeguard your privacy. 

So many of you must want to know “Do we process sensitive data?” To answer, no, we do not process sensitive personal information.

Meanwhile, here is a breakdown of what we collect, how we collect, how we use the information, etc. 


We do not force anyone to provide their details. The only means left to gather information is when you voluntarily provide it to us. Be it when expressing an interest in obtaining information or services, when you participate in activities like surveys, and simply when you contact us.

Therefore, it tends to depend on the nature of your interactions with us. The type of information we collect may include the following:

  • Personal: Full name, age, gender, usernames, passwords, etc.
  • Contact Details: Phone number and email address.
  • Technical Data: Your location, IP address, login data, browser information, language preferences, referring URLs, pin code, time zone, operating system, etc. 


Having said that, we do not ask users to provide their details. Instead, we automatically collect them when you visit, use, or navigate through our site. Although this may not reveal your identity but might show device and usage information.

These are primarily required to maintain the security, operation, for internal analytics, and to serve reporting purposes.


We’ll process your personal data to contribute to the following purposes:

  • To take steps at your request.
  • To update our records.
  • To keep track of your whereabouts to communicate with you about your account.
  • To protect an individual’s vital interest.
  • For fraud prevention.
  • To comply with the law.
  • To send administrative information to users.
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