15 Best Sportsurge Alternatives You Must Know in 2024

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Platforms like Sportsurge have emerged to meet the demand for live sports streaming and have become the go-to place for sports enthusiasts. However, it is limiting to rely solely on one platform due to link issues, ads, restrictions, and other reasons. So, you must keep your options open. 

This article will briefly talk about the platform and walk you through all the major Sportsurge alternatives that offer an extensive library to enjoy your favorite sports events. 

Let’s get into it! 

Overview of Sportsurge


Sportsurge is a website that offers live sports streaming. It includes a variety of sports such as football, basketball, baseball, MMA, boxing, and others. The platform has become popular because of its easy-to-use interface and wide selection of streaming choices.

Features of Sportsurge:

  • Diversity in Sports: Sportsurge features various sports competitions around the world.
  • No cost: It provides free streaming options with no need for subscription payments.
  • Intuitive Interface: It has an intuitive interface that makes it easy to navigate and find features.
  • HD Streaming: The platform offers high-definition streaming for an enhanced viewing experience.

Now that you’re introduced to the streaming platform, let’s go ahead and look at the top Sportsurge alternatives in the next section.

15 Best Sportsurge Alternatives

While Sportsurge is a great platform, users seek its alternatives due to several reasons, like ads and pop-ups, legal issues, and availability in the area. 

We did our research to bring you the best Sportsurge alternatives. Let’s go through this list: 



Official Site: www.espn.com/ 

ESPN+ is one of the top platforms for streaming sports. It caters to all types of sports fanatics. Whether you wish to see UFC matches or football leagues, you can find it all here. Moreover, the platform even covers behind-the-scenes videos and telecasts after-match commentary. 

ESPN+ offers two subscription plans: $10.99 per month and $109.99 per year. 

  • Advantages: Comprehensive sports reporting, top-notch streams, and unique content.
  • Downside: You need to have a paid subscription.



Official Site: https://www.dazn.com/ 

DAZN is a unique IPTV service and can be considered the dominant sports streaming platform. It is available globally, and the content is viewable in every language. It can be streamed on mobile devices, such as PCs, tablets, and laptops. The starting price for the basic subscription is $19.99 per month. 

The platform also provides extra savings for yearly subscriptions. Additionally, you have the option to terminate the subscription by providing 30 days of notice.

  • Advantages: High-quality streaming and exclusive content. 
  • Downside: Requires premium subscription. 



Official Site: https://www.fubo.tv/welcome 

Another great Sportsurge alternative is FuboTV, which is a paid IPTV service. It was ranked as the top live TV streaming provider in customer satisfaction by J.D. Power. The platform is one of the top brands in the market that provides a great blend of sports and entertainment.

You can get the app for free on any device and choose the plan you want to buy. The IPTV offers Pro, Elite, Ultimate, and Latino packages starting at $74.99 per month post-trial.

  • Advantages: Extensive sports library and custom packages available for viewers. 
  • Downside: Regional restrictions. 

Sling TV

Sling TV

Official Site: https://www.sling.com/ 

Sling TV is a provider of multiple video channels, offering popular cable channels for sports and entertainment. It has two packages: Sling Blue and Sling Orange, which include various sports channels and OTT shows.

The pricing begins at $199 annually and can be used on any type of device. Also, you have the option to pause or terminate the subscription at any time you want.

  • Advantages: HD streaming and customizable channel package.
  • Downside: Some sports channels may require additional packages. 

YouTube TV

YouTube TV

Official Site: https://tv.youtube.com/welcome/ 

YouTube is already well-known, and its IPTV Service stands out due to its exceptional features. You will have access to various on-demand video content without any hidden fees or yearly commitments. Additionally, they also offer 4K IPTV service for your enjoyment.

YouTube TV offers limitless DVR storage, up to 6 separate user logins, and the ability to stream to 3 devices at once. Starting at $64.99 per month, you can select from a basic package, a Spanish package, or a plan that includes an NFL Sunday Ticket, either separately or bundled. It is your safest bet to watch all the gaming matches in HD quality. 

  • Advantages: Sports and Entertainment lineup, recordings, and cloud storage.
  • Downside: Subscription required to stream videos ad-free.

Hulu+ TV

Hulu TV 

Official Site: https://www.hulu.com/ 

You have access to entire seasons of gaming leagues and Hulu Originals shows through this IPTV service. It ranks as one of the top IPTV streaming services available in the market. Hulu’s starting plan costs $7.99 per month, while the bundle plan including Disney+ and ESPN+ starts at $12.99 per month. Depending on your budget, you can choose between ad-supported or ad-free packages.

Hulu does not require customers to pay any hidden fees, equipment rental fees, or installation fees. Additionally, you have the option to change plans or discontinue services at any time by providing advance notice. Additionally, it provides excellent customer support.

  • Advantages: Live sports streaming, and no hidden fees. 
  • Downside: Regional restriction. 


NBA App 

Official Site: https://www.nba.com/app 

This Sportsurge alternative is designed specifically for basketball. You can follow your favorite teams and players, as well as watch highlights and news. You can access many matches for free but need to get a bundled subscription of NBA League Pass for $14.99 per month. 

  • Advantages: Exclusive NBA content, and HD videos.
  • Downside: Subscription is required for full access. 



Official Site: https://v2.streameast.to/ 

StreamEast is an online platform that provides live streams of games and sporting events. Individuals from various locations around the globe frequently visit the website to entertain themselves. No matter your sports preference, you can access a wide variety on StreamEast. What we appreciate the most is the ability to use this platform for free, with no subscription fees required.

  • Advantage: Free access to all types of sports.
  • Downside: Not legally verified. 

Bleacher Report

Bleachers Report 

Official Site: https://bleacherreport.com/ 

Another great IPTV similar to Sport Surge is Bleacher Report. It offers streaming of all types of sporting events, matches, news, highlights, and much more. While it has a free version where you can watch sports occasionally, you would need to buy a package of $9.99 per month for full access.

  • Advantages: Mix of all types of content.
  • Downside: Subscription for full access.



Official site: Stream2watch 

Stream2watch not only broadcasts games but also offers live streams of popular sports channels that you can watch throughout the day. This platform offers games for soccer, football, volleyball, basketball, baseball, boxing, golf, tennis, rugby, Motor, MMA, and WWE. You have the option to select the game, browse through the current events, and enjoy playing it on your device.

  • Advantages: More than 350 channels, and it is free to stream.
  • Downside: Not legally approved.



Official Site: Cricfree 

If you’ve never watched sports online before, you should consider giving Cricfree TV a shot. Because of its minimal features and greater number of classifications compared to other portals, we would suggest it to everyone. Additionally, it provides a chat feature with certain restrictions.

By adhering to the guidelines and regulations, you can qualify to connect with individuals worldwide. You can enjoy watching Sky Sports 1 and Sky Sports 2 for free on CricFree TV, which is the most exciting part. 

  • Advantages: Free streaming and live messaging during matches.
  • Downside: Contains ads.



Official Site: https://reddit1.nflbite.com/ 

This website is a popular choice for NFL enthusiasts. You can watch any NFL game you want on NFL Bite. You have the opportunity to access and browse through all the NFL-related blogs and join their community on Reddit. Not only that, but you can engage with millions of passionate fans worldwide through its Reddit community. This platform displays the game schedule for both the current and upcoming weeks, allowing enthusiasts to organize their schedules effectively.

  • Advantages: Live chatting option and free streaming.
  • Downside: Only restricted to football.

Bally Sports


Official site: Bally Sports 

You should head to Bally Sports if you want to watch videos and read blogs and news articles about the world of sports. The website exudes sophistication with its uncomplicated yet visually pleasing elements. 

There are four sections on the platform. One, where you can watch videos and matches from all sports. Second, to play online mini-games and win amazing prizes. Third, where you can indulge in gambling games. Fourth, where you can participate in diamondback games, by simply registering for the portal to unlock all these features.

  • Advantages: Free to access and multiple sections. 
  • Downside: It can occasionally lag. 



Official Site: https://vipleague.be/ 

VIPLeague is another platform that offers similar functionalities as Sportsurge. The best thing is that you can get access to the entire sports library and exclusive content for free. All you need to do is go to the official site and register your account as a user. That’s it, you are good to stream your favorite sports matches. However, its legality is questionable as the site is not approved by the government. 

  • Advantages: Free to use with a wide range of sports categories.
  • Downside: Not legally compliant.



Official site: Buffstreams 

Another well-known sports streaming website that is widely recognized for broadcasting soccer, NFL, NBA, boxing, and various other sports. You also have the option to broadcast your video games on the platform, play with friends, and upgrade to the newest releases. You can connect to Buffstreams through your Xbox and incorporate the games onto the platform. Simply visit the website, sign up, and begin watching your preferred sports channels.

  • Advantages: Free to access and can even broadcast video games. 
  • Downside: Occasional pop-up ads. 

So these are the best Sportsurge alternatives available in the market. 

Final Words 

Sportsurge is a popular choice for live sports streaming, but having a variety of alternatives in your arsenal can enhance your viewing experience. We have covered 15 similar platforms, all giving better reliability and a wide content library. With these options, you can enjoy uninterrupted and high-quality streaming of sports. 

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Frequently Asked Questions
Is Sportsurge free?

Yes, Sportsurge does not require any subscription. 

Is Sportsurge an app?

Yes, it is a great app to watch live streams of different sports.

Is DAZN free?

DAZN has launched an option to access free content for the users. 


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