EZTV Proxy List: The Ultimate Guide to Unblock EZTV in 2024 [100% Working Sites]

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Imagine! You are ready to watch your favorite film but find that EZTV is restricted in your region. It’s frustrating, right?

EZTV is one of the most popular torrent websites, it offers a wide range of entertainment for free. However, due to frequent legal restrictions and ISP blockages, accessing this site is not easy.

In this comprehensive guide, we will help you unblock the platform by providing a 100% working EZTV proxy list. We will also discuss the benefits, risks, security, precautions, and the best alternatives to using EZTV proxies.

Disclaimer: This guide is provided only for informational purposes; it does not encourage or support the unauthorized download or distribution of copyrighted content. Using EZTV can be an illegal act in your country due to copyright laws.

What is an EZTV Proxy?

EZTV Torrent Interface

An EZTV Proxy server acts as a bridge between the device and the EZTV torrent website. While using a proxy server to access the site, your request passes through the server first. This process hides the IP address of the device. The request is sent from the proxy server rather than your device.

Thus, it allows you to bypass geographical restrictions and ISP blockages, enabling you to watch your favorite content without any limits. This could be a game-changer if your Internet Service Provider (ISP) or your local government has blocked EZTV.

List of Top EZTV Proxy Servers in 2024 

Proxy servers for such platforms are constantly changing due to the uncertainty in this field. Thus, it can be difficult to find a trustworthy link.

Our team did extensive research and finally came up with 9 best EZTV proxies that will help you access the platform. All of these websites are fully operational at the time of writing.

S. No.SiteStatus
1https://ezt v.unblockninja.comWorking
3https://eztv.proxyninja.org Working
6https://eztv.work Working
9https://eztv.torrentbay.st  Working

All movie, TV show, and series torrent files and magnet links from the original EZTV website are hosted on these sites.


These eztv.it proxy links can go down with time. It is advisable to check for updated information regularly.

EZTV Proxy links are a useful resource for watching your favorite shows and movies. There are two major advantages:

  • Unblock the Fun: The main advantage of these links is bypassing the geo-restrictions. It allows you to watch blocked content and access EZTV and its mirror site as if you were browsing from another location where the site is not blocked. 
  • Enhanced Privacy (to some extent):  Proxies can also provide you with some level of anonymity by hiding your IP address. It can help you if you are concerned about someone teaching your browsing activity online.

However, it is crucial to keep in mind that proxies are not a 100% secure solution for total privacy. So, let’s delve into the risks associated with using a proxy of EZTV.

Risks of Using a Proxy of EZTV

Even though the proxies can be an easy option to unblock content, you should be aware of the possible drawbacks of using an EZTV proxy server. Here are some of the key concerns:

  • Security Concerns: Security vulnerabilities may arise from using free proxies. They might fail to encrypt your data, making it vulnerable to hacker interception. You can also face the issue of malware with some sites.
  • Slow Speed: These sites may add another step to your browsing experience. This can lead to slower browsing speeds and lag while streaming the content.
  • Legal Implications: It is critical to understand the copyright regulations in your area.  In certain regions, using torrents to download copyrighted content may be prohibited. Before utilizing EZTV Proxies for this purpose, make sure you are aware of the legal implications.

You should keep these risks in mind before making any decision. Moving on, we will provide you with some other options that may offer better security and speed.

Alternative Ways to Unblock EZTV

If the EZTV proxy servers are not working for you, or you want to try something safer, here are some other options for unblocking the platform.

Method 1: Use ProxySite

ProxySite Homepage

To unblock any torrent website using ProxySite, just type the URL for that proxy site in the Enter URL box and click GO. You also have the option to choose between various servers located in the USA and Europe when attempting to access the torrent website. 

ProxySite prohibits others from checking on your data or web activity. It also provides fast browsing speed and advanced security options to the users.

Method 2: Browse Privately with TOR Browser

Tor Browser

One option is to use the Tor (The Onion Router) browser if you regularly visit EZTV. After launch, it will establish a connection with a Tor proxy server, allowing you to unblock the platform and download torrents with ease.

To get started, simply download the TOR bundle compatible with your operating system.

Method 3: Use a Strong VPN

VPN Stock Image

Another safe option to unblock websites like EZTV is to use a reliable and strong VPN like Surfshark or NordVPN. You can use a VPN to hide your IP address by rerouting your request through a different server located at a different location. You should try the location where the platform is still active.

Even if you decide to use EZTV proxies to access the platform, it is advisable to use a strong VPN to maximize security. It provides you with an additional layer of security. 

Best EZTV Alternatives in 2024 

If accessing EZTV becomes challenging due to geographical restrictions or frequent ISP blockages, several excellent alternatives can offer a similar, if not better experience. 

The following are the top EZTV alternatives for 2024:

1. The Pirate Bay

The Pirate Bay Homepage

The Pirate Bay (TPB) was established in 2003 by a Swedish developer by the name of Piratbyran. The guiding principle of the platform is the free and open exchange of knowledge. People can share their files on the peer-to-peer torrent website and discover a variety of torrent files.


RARBG Homepage

RARBG has become incredibly popular among torrent enthusiasts. For those who enjoy movies and TV shows, it is a great option due to its vast selection of content in excellent formats. By rating and commenting on torrent files, users can also help others make decisions about the quality and dependability of the file. 

3. 1337x

1337x Homepage

1337x is a website that offers a huge directory of magnet links and torrent files for BitTorrent-based peer-to-peer file sharing. Founded in 2007, 1337x saw a surge in popularity in 2018, coinciding with the collapse of its rival. Although the website primarily offers entertainment content, you can find and download a variety of free online tools and software. 

4. YTS

YTS Homepage

Movie torrent website YTS, also known as YIFY, is well-known for its high-quality, compressed movie releases. Consistent quality and uniform file sizes are two important aspects of YTS, which facilitate movie downloads and sharing without compromising much on audio and video quality.

5. ExtraTorrents


ExtraTorrents or ExtraTorrent is another popular alternative to EZTV. This platform allows you to download a wide variety of content, including books, TV shows, music, movies, games, and software. It is highly regarded for the wide range of options and varied content it provides.

These are the top 5 EZTV alternatives available right now. You can use them to continue streaming your favorite without being interrupted.

How to Choose the Best EZTV Proxy?

Following careful consideration of your options, if you have decided that an EZTV Proxy is the best choice for your needs, keep the following points in mind:

  • Reputation is Key: Do your research and look for proxies with a good online reputation. This can help you avoid unreliable or even malicious servers.
  • Speed Matters: Ideally, choose a proxy server located close to your geographical location. Using a premium and reliable proxy can also help you minimize lags and buffering issues.
  • Beware of Free Proxies: Free proxies always attract us, but you should be cautious of hidden risks associated with free versions. If security is your main concern, opt for a paid proxy.
  • Read User Reviews: User reviews are sometimes a great way to find information. Check out what other users’ experiences have been like using various proxy services.

Remember, the best EZTV Proxy for you depends on your individual needs. Prioritize factors like reputation, speed, and security to find the one that offers the best balance for your browsing experience.

How to Maintain Privacy While Using Proxies?

To remain secure and anonymous while employing proxies, adhere to the following tips:

  • To avoid online tracking, you should stay away from providing personal information while using these proxies.
  • To get rid of tracking information, it is advisable to regularly clear the cookies and cache in your browser.
  • Choose secure proxies by making sure they do not track user activity and give priority to privacy.
  • Vulnerabilities in security can also arise from outdated software. To reduce risks, make sure you regularly update your web browser, operating system, and any other software you use.

You can maintain your privacy while browsing and reduce the risks involved in using proxies by paying attention to the above-mentioned tips.


We have tried to cover everything important related to EZTV proxy servers and unblock the restricted content. However, you should consider the pros and cons before putting a step forward in any direction. You should also consider alternative methods and sites, as well as privacy tips, to ensure a safe and enjoyable experience.

We hope this guide has empowered you to make informed decisions about accessing your favorite content. Now go grab some popcorn, take a seat, and enjoy your streaming!

Frequently Asked Questions
Is EZTV legal?

Downloading and redistributing copyrighted content is an illegal activity in many jurisdictions. The copyright holder can even take legal action against you.

Is EZTV still active?

Several clones, proxies, and mirror sites allow you to continue using the platform.

Are EZTV proxy links safe?

Yes, but it is important to choose a reputable proxy service or consider combining a paid VPN for better security.

Why should you use an EZTV Proxy UK?

You should these proxies to bypass restrictions, maintain privacy, and access blocked content in your region.


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